Food Equity Group - Salesforce Licensee Management

Food Equity Group is a new-age, culinary driven Food Licensing business. The Food Equity Group team develops innovative and delicious food products across various foodservice and FMCG brands.

Business Problem

We first met the Food Equity Group team early on in their business development. Food Equity Group needed tools to recruit Area Sales Licensees.

The team were keen to develop a self service portal where Licensees could easily navigate to find any relevant information they needed while with a customer or out on the road. This included sales tools, marketing materials, food product information, head office updates and collaboration with other licensees.

Community Cloud Portal

Our solution utilised Salesforce Community Cloud combined with the data visualisation powers of Salesforce Maps. The portal we designed is an intuitive and interactive space. Every team member can now easily access all of their leads, opportunities, customer territories and training guides within the system. 

Food Equity Group wanted the portal to look great and be a reflection of their unique product line. Every design element used is sleek, stylish and fresh in line with the characteristics and flavours found in Food Equity Group's products.

Maps & Mobile

Salesforce Maps is a market leading location intelligence system. Salesforce Maps allows teams to plot customer accounts, leads and opportunities on a Map and schedule visitation cycles in a way that minimises travel time. 

We configured Salesforce Maps for Food Equity Group’s Licensees to be as easy to use as Yelp or Uber. In the field, Licensees can now easily identify new leads in their territories while coordinating regular visits with existing customers.

Licensees can use data such as customer priority, distance, live-traffic updates and weather conditions to best schedule and prioritise visits to customers. Helping to minimise travel time and maximise the time spent face-to-face with existing customers or sales prospects.

Setting the Customer up for Success

During launch we held Licensee training sessions and produced step by step help guides. We continue to add features to the licensee portal over time as new needs arise. 

We love helping new businesses leverage technology in order to grow and scale. Food Equity Group now has an enviable set of Salesforce tools to equip their Licensees with everything they need to be successful and build long lasting relationships with their customers.  

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce Maps
  • Salesforce MyTrailhead

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