Capital Brewing Co - Distributor Order Management

Capital Brewing Co was born in the Brindabella Wilderness, ripping first tracks through snow that would become the pristine water in their Good Natured Brews. The Capital Brewing team loves nature and cares for the environment so we can enjoy it… and so can our kids. Capital Brewing believes in creating good vibes at all times, be that through their brews, their award-winning tap room or supporting good work within their community.

The Problem

Like many Food and Beverage organisations, Capital Brewing Co. sells some of their brews to customers directly, but also relies on a network of distributors to deliver their beer across the country. This meant that they didn’t have visibility of what their end customers were buying, which inhibited sales growth, product development and forecasting.

Capital Brewing Co was paying ongoing fees to a third party to manually transform, load and link spreadsheets of data from distributors to create records in Salesforce so that they could use this data for performance tracking, analysis and reporting.

Our Solution

Our Salesforce Gurus love a challenge, and take pride in automating time consuming, manual processes. Trausteknik developed a solution for Capital Brewing which allowed the team to drop and drag unedited distributor spreadsheets into Salesforce, loading the information into the system as Orders.

If any new customers or products are found during the upload process that had not previously been seen by the system, the user is asked to link them to Account or Product records in Salesforce as a one-time exercise. Salesforce will then remember this linkage in the future.

The system is built with flexibility in mind and allows Capital Brewing Co. to onboard new distributor data formats themselves by matching spreadsheet columns to fields in Salesforce.

Capital Brewing are now planning to leverage the rich information contained within Salesforce to automatically list active stockists on their website along with the delicious brews each of them sell.

Teaming up for Success

Whilst we will never turn down beer based bribery, Trausteknik are well matched with the down to earth and fast moving culture of the Capital Brewing Co team. We don’t ask for lengthy spec sheets or attempt to try to sell unnecessary projects. Instead we offer simple solutions that uncomplicate Australian businesses, helping them increase their market share.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud (Enterprise Edition)

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