Social Futures - Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Implementation

Social Futures are a social justice organisation focused on helping diverse local communities throughout regional Australia. The organisation works directly with a range of stakeholders including: clients, their families, communities, organisations and the government. They provide programs and services to grow healthy communities in the areas of homelessness, housing, youth, family and community inclusivity. 

Our Process

Before meeting with us, Social Futures was using another CRM package to handle their case management needs. As their programs and intake has grown, the demands on their old system became far too complex. Social Futures wanted a new system that could handle their advanced customisation requirements.

To meet this need, we introduced Social Futures to the Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack. Customising the pack to manage programs, participants, intakes, enquiries, referrals, sessions, case notes, risk management, and outcomes based reporting.

Building Better Relationships

Because building relationships is a crucial aspect for case workers working with clients, we designed the new system to be as quick and easy to use as possible, ensuring all key client data was securely captured without distracting workers during regular contact appointments.

As Social Futures experiences a high volume of enquiries and intake requests we also helped build an automated assignment queue to support their staff with handling and distributing new case assignments. These queues check for duplicate entries while using advanced criterias to filter clients towards the right programs and staff based on their individual needs.

Risk Management & DEX Integration

A big challenge in this project was ensuring all required government data exchange protocols were met. We helped Social Futures build automated reporting procedures by building advanced API integrations. Data is now standardised and automatically compiled and then fed to relevant government bodies like DEX where legally required.

Ensuring the safety of Case Workers is critical in Social Futures being able to continue the great work they do within the community. This meant we needed to make sure the system was designed to capture and simplify each of these requirements. We leveraged Lightning Scheduler and implemented a “Buddy system” to ensure no worker was ever at risk.


The Trausteknik team loved helping Social Futures accelerate their positive work in the community. The system we built ensures flexibility and visibility, while providing consistency in data capture and case management process. The platform has been designed to scale up with the anticipated increase in demand for services in the future. All data is secure and can be easily accessed by relevant staff from one system. Social Futures is now well equipped to meet the demands and goals of their clients, stakeholders as well as governing bodies.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack
  • Lightning Scheduler
  • Custom API Integrations

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