Athlete Assessments

Athletes Assessment provides elite consulting and assessing services to professional sports teams and individuals. We helped the team migrate from ACT! CRM to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The crew are experts in the ‘people side’ of sport. Headed by Bo Hanson a 3x Olympic Medalist and International Coaching Consultant. Bo and his team work with some of the top Olympic, Paralympic, National, Professional, State, and US College teams to profile and consult on team and performance dynamics.

Business Problem

When we first met with the team at Athlete Assessments, we learned that ACT! CRM couldn’t provide the flexibility, key data insights and personalised contact management needed to run their business effectively. Athlete Assessments wanted a platform that could knock the ball right out of the park with structure and visibility for client data. Salesforce Sales Cloud was the answer.

The Journey

One of the challenges for the Athlete Assessments transition to Sales Cloud was ensuring their data migration into the new system was as seamless as possible. We worked closely with Athlete Assessments to ensure the business’ near million historical emails, as well as their leads and activities were moved to the new system seamlessly.

When onboarding a new customer, Athletes Assessments have a standard set of tasks that need to be completed in order to ensure everything goes to plan. For this, we built a customised solution so the team could insert detailed task lists against customer records depending on their specific requirements.

Our Winning Solution!

Customising Salesforce Sales Cloud towards their unique business needs has been a real game changer for the crew at Athlete Assessments. The new system is optimised for timely and highly personalised customer engagement.

We collaborated closely to make sure the system was intuitive, adaptive and seamless to use. Navigating the system and tracking key client data is now a walk in the park for the entire team. Users can now easily categorise their contacts by type, record emails, calls, activities and track their tasks within the system.

Technologies Used

Salesforce Sales Cloud


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