Car Clarity - Financial Services Cloud Setup

CarClarity is Australia’s first true car loan platform, saving customers time and money through their easy, online application process. New to the market, the team are changing the car buying experience for Aussies with their web-app car application tool and financial expertise that crunches numbers, putting customers in the driver’s seat to finding the right lender.

The Problem

With a broad range of potential lenders on the market and so many purchase variables, finding a solution that could effectively manage and centralise customer data was crucial. The team at CarClarity also needed their CRM to integrate with their web-app so that customer data updated in real time. Without this, the team would be driving blind and would not be able to handle customer enquiries effectively.

The Solution

Working together, we helped Car Clarity meet their financial lending analytics and customer service needs using the world’s #1 CRM solution - Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Powered by Salesforce Lightning, Financial Service Cloud made it easy for the team at CarClarity to deliver prompt, high quality, personalised lending advice. Salesforce Financial Service Cloud is now the secure home for every single interaction with CarClarity’s customers. .

Key to the system’s success is the custom-made web service integration. This Salesforce Integration accepts the data formats (JSON) used by the car financing tool and then seamlessly transfers these into Salesforce as new records. All client data is kept secure and is well protected at every step of the process.

Finish Line

The CarClarity team has embedded their key business processes directly into Salesforce. This enables all team members to action customer enquiries and make business decisions based on the rich data sets within the system. CarClarity now has the tools they need to scale at pace. We’ve enjoyed every minute of our partnership with the team.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
  • API Integration Web-App to Financial Services Cloud

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