AbilityMap - Pardot Implementation

AbilityMap enables companies and their people to Play to their Strengths. As leaders in work productivity & job satisfaction, AbilityMap defines the X-Factor human capabilities leaders WANT, HAVE & NEED in their business to be successful and applies those insights to impact the quality and return on talent planning, acquisition, development, performance management & career progression. Using AbilityMap’s objective, scientific methods within their Profiler and Imprint tools helps organisations remove subjectivity and bias from critical people decisions.  

The Problem

Full of hustle, the AbilityMap team had historically driven Business Development through professional networks and word of mouth. As the business expanded a robust Marketing Automation engine was needed to help Sales prioritise leads and increase market knowledge of AbilityMap’s offerings. AbilityMap were already a Salesforce Sales Cloud customer and wanted the solution to integrate natively into their existing CRM processes.

The Solution

Trausteknik partnered with Salesforce to introduce AbilityMap to Pardot. Pardot was an ideal fit for AbilityMap as it allowed marketing and sales teams to find and nurture quality leads, leading to sales growth through improved awareness of AbilityMap’s products and services.

Prospect Activity Tracking

Our Salesforce and Marketing gurus worked to establish Pardot tracking across all key engagement points. This included AbilityMap’s brand website, abilitymap.com, Linkedin, YouTube and blogs. No matter how a prospect engages with the brand AbilityMap’s Sales team can see a timeline of their interactions with content.

Pardot scores, components and reports were all embedded in the Sales Cloud workflow to ensure that insights on Sales prospects are all readily available in real time. This informed, data first approach to Sales helped AbilityMap to build strategies around the prospects they should prioritise and tailor conversations with them based on engagement with content.

Optimising Data Value

We helped AbilityMap to spring clean their contacts in Sales Cloud by adding fields to track departmental function, role in the sales cycle and seniority. Adding these crucial data points into Salesforce was key to the automatic addition of prospects to nurture journeys personalising content based on each stakeholder’s needs and challenges.

The Pardot Nurture Journeys we built for AbilityMap incorporates A/B testing to gather real time information about content effectiveness. Tasks are automatically assigned to Sales based on certain behaviour and prospect scores are updated in real time in Sales Cloud so that AbilityMap can always keep an eye on engagement.

Customer Success

'Ben and his team take the time to understand what we need and stay with us to ensure we can deliver it. I’ll use them again' – Mike Erlin, CEO & Co-Founder.

Our number one goal is to set customers up for long term success. Throughout the project we held regular training sessions with a range of stakeholders right across the AbilityMap Business. The team is now at the stage where they are creating Email Content and Nurture Journeys solo with ongoing support available from our team if needed.

Technologies Used

  • Pardot
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud

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