Africareps aims to promote African travel destinations to the Australian and New Zealand market. They work closely with Travel Agents and Wholesalers to offer information, support, marketing and training services relating to African holidays. Africareps represents over one hundred game reserves, lodges and hotels across 10 countries in Africa.

Business Problem

When we first met the Africareps team they were using a CRM product that needed serious attention. Legacy software nearing 20 years of age was used to scan business cards and track interactions with industry contacts. The original software vendor had withdrawn support for the product and due to a lack of backups there was a real risk of data loss if a software failure occurred.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

We were quick to introduce the Africareps team to Salesforce Sales Cloud and the benefits of a modern CRM. Sales Cloud provided Africareps with the ability the easily categorise their contacts by type as well as record emails, calls, activities and tasks within the system.

A big challenge during the transition to Sales Cloud was the migration of over 6,500 contacts into the new CRM system. We helped Africareps to cleanse all of this data, removing duplicates and standardising the format of names, addresses and phone numbers.

Mailchimp Integration

Africareps sends regular email newsletters to agents, wholesalers and media outlets in order to ensure that the travel destinations they represent are always front of mind. We automated a large part of this process by configuring Sales Cloud to automatically sync contacts into the appropriate mailing lists and groups within Mailchimp.


The Africareps team travels frequently and needed a solution that would allow them to access and maintain Salesforce data regardless of location. We helped the team configure the Salesforce app for Android and iPhone so that they could get to their Salesforce data quickly and easily whilst on the go.

We configured the ScanBizCards mobile app for Africareps which allowed them to scan contact information from Business Cards straight into Salesforce.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • ScanBizCards
  • Mailchimp
  • Salesforce for Android and iPhone

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