ACARA’s Service Cloud Salesforce Journey

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) works to improve the learning of all young Australians through world-class school curriculum, assessment and reporting. Established in 2008, they are the entity responsible for the Australian CurriculumNAPLAN and My School websites.

Salesforce Service Cloud

When we first met the ACARA team they were managing enquiries, correspondence and stakeholder engagement using a product called Microsoft Dynamics. The system was not optimised for their needs and as a result very few employees were using the application to maximum advantage on a regular basis.

We felt that Salesforce Service Cloud would be a perfect fit for ACARA due to it’s easy to learn Lightning User Interface and the platform’s focus on quick, effective and engaging customer service.

The Project

Our team worked on site at ACARA’s Sydney offices, acting as an extension to ACARA’s own IT team. This allowed us to fully understand each department’s requirements, work through any concerns relating to the change of system and support all users during the launch phase.

Our team understood ACARA's expectations around data security and compliance. All data related work was completed on premise and we were able to work with Salesforce to establish Australian based hosting for their Salesforce Instance.

We wanted the ACARA team to work collaboratively with us on the solution as it was being built out. As a result we broke the build phase into several sprints, with regular demonstrations to review new functionality throughout the journey. This led to greater buy in across all departments and an appreciation for the benefits the new system would bring.


ACARA’s official responses to enquiries and stakeholders need to be well authored and highly professional. To help with this we configured Service Cloud to have a focus on email templates and knowledge articles, making drafting appropriate content easier for staff.

A key challenge for the project was the migration of all historical Dynamics support cases into Service Cloud. Our team used a variety of tools to import all of the data and ensure that the large library of attachments from the old system were all correctly transferred into Salesforce.

Training and Launch Support

Despite the fact that Service Cloud’s Lightning UI is highly intuitive, it was still important for us to hold several training sessions with the team.

Each training overview was as fun, dynamic and hands on for the ACARA team as we could possibly make it.

During launch Trausteknik spent time on site ensuring that each user was supported and clearly understood how to use the new Service Cloud system.

ACARA was extremely satisfied with the service provided and is considering further usage opportunities for the Salesforce Platform across their organisation.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Service Cloud Knowledge
  • Salesforce Lightning Sync for Office 365

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