Residential Property Sales and Agency Management

Our client is a specialist real estate project marketing firm offering distribution of residential property in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Australia. Their experienced team has aligned with some of Australia’s leading public and private developers to place over $2.8 billion of property sales.

Introduction to Trausteknik

After investing significant resources into their Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation with another partner, our client was not seeing a suitable return on their technology investment.

Their implementation was difficult to use, costly to modify and was not meeting compliance requirements. The team were considering throwing in the towel and removing Salesforce from their system architecture altogether.

Because of Trausteknik’s past successes with “at risk” accounts, contacted us and asked if we could help with a "hail mary" instance refresh in an attempt to keep the customer.

Partnering to find a solution

At Trausteknik we take great pride in our ability to quickly learn how a business operates and collaborative form a technology strategy that leads to competitive advantage. In this case the client’s Salesforce instance was almost workable - but a number of key changes were required to meet industry requirements and drive user engagement.

Foundational modifications were made to the client’s data structures which laid the platform for a vastly improved stakeholder user experience. Residential property sales data was exposed to real estate agencies via a visually engaging web portal built from the ground up.

Success with Salesforce

We used Salesforce to manage business data and project workflows, unlocking the following benefits:

  • Marketing of property projects to the client’s Real Estate Agency network
  • Upload facility for purchaser documents, including identification (licence, passport, etc) and deposit receipts
  • Automation of complex fee and commission management
  • Compliance with Foreign Investment Review Board requirements, including the automatic identification of purchases applicable for FIRB
  • Granular control of agency access including pre-release offerings
  • Electronic generation, review and approval for contracts, including incentives, marketing allowances and special terms
  • Self service management by real estate agencies of their users (agents) who can login and access the system
  • Migration to the new platform was carefully managed to ensure internal teams and agency stakeholders alike were clear on how to use the new system and the benefits it would bring.

Post implementation the client has seen continued sales growth and is hungry for new ways to leverage the power of the Sales Cloud platform.

Technologies Used

  • Amazon Web Services
  • PHP, Bootstrap & jQuery
  • Dropbox
  • Google’s G-Suite

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