Getting started with a new CRM team can bring up a lot of questions. We’ve pieced together a series of frequently asked questions about getting started with us.

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What technologies does Trausteknik work with?

We have a broad client base across diverse industries. This has led us to develop solutions across the following areas:

  • Websites and portals generally using Salesforce.com as the CMS
  • Salesforce® support, development, automation and administration
  • Salesforce® reporting, dashboards and analytics
  • G-Suite migrations
  • Integrations (Soap, Rest, Json)
  • Lead generation/nurturing through email design and marketing automations (email, SMS etc)
  • Web design and content management, including SEO audits
  • Social media design and management
  • PPC campaign management
  • Content development (blogs, articles, infographics, presentations, sales collateral)

We are open to conversations about all technologies however some of our favourites are:

What Salesforce® Support packages are available?

We offer a monthly retainer package that can be used for ongoing Salesforce® support, enhancements and maintenance. Customers who elect to use this service will be set up with a key contact person within Trausteknik as well as the ability to log support requests online via our Service Desk. Retainer agreements are flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs.


Where are your developers located?

Our entire team is based in Australia, at locations including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Cairns. We have a mix of Australian and International clients and are open to onsite project work should it be a requirement.

I have a bespoke or SAAS system specific to my industry, can you help us integrate it to Salesforce?

Absolutely. Our team has extensive experience with system integrations across Finance, ERP, Content Management, Document Storage and Accounting Systems. Prior to making a commitment to you we would first undertake a review of integration options in collaboration with your internal SMEs or third party vendors. Our integrations typically utilise Soap, Rest or Json but we also have experience with middleware solutions including Dell Boomi.

Do you do WordPress development?

WordPress is a great platform but is limited when it comes to complex content management. As organisations naturally increase in complexity they often find that they outgrow WordPress.

Historically we have been able to offer custom internal and customer facing websites with Salesforce as the CMS at a comparable price point to that of a WordPress site. We would encourage all organisations to investigate the merits of this alternative with us.

What is a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Salesforce Consulting Partners help businesses to architect, deploy and maintain Salesforce solutions. Salesforce only accepts Consulting firms that meet high product knowledge, certification, and customer satisfaction requirements. The Trausteknik team are truly proud of our Partner badge and value our place in the Salesforce community.

What is a Pardot Certified Consultant?

A Pardot Certified Consultant has all the high level, official certifications from Salesforce needed to implement and support this marketing tool. Our team has vast experience building full funnel solutions utilising both Pardot and Salesforce across a wide variety of industries. At Trausteknik, you can be assured that our Pardot team is fully certified and ready to incorporate your business goals into marketing automation solutions that meet your needs!

What is the difference between casual and project rates?

A casual engagement grants you access to our services as you need them. This is the most flexible option for short term, irregular engagements. For larger projects we will provide a firm estimate for the work required through a formal proposal outlining the project requirements and deliverables based upon your business requirements. For larger projects we are able to offer discounted project pricing for the duration of the project.

What is a “Supply Clusters Membership”?

Supply Clusters is an organisation that offers business related goods and services at a reduced price point to its members. Supply Clusters leverage the collective size of member organisations to negotiate the best possible price point.

Our clients should consider a Supply Clusters membership if they would like to better manage business costs. Supply Clusters members also avoid unnecessary price increases and contract terms as they manage supplier contracts for you. Supply Clusters members will gain access to our services at a reduced daily rate.

To learn more about the value that Supply Clusters can add to your business visit http://www.supplyclusters.com.au/.

Can I pause or change my pricing package at any time?

We are happy to discuss pricing alternatives at any time with our clients. Most businesses start with a casual engagement and then move onto more formal projects or a monthly retainer as the amount of work we do with them increases. If you are unsure on what will suit your organisation best we can also help you navigate different options for billing, scheduling and payment.

What are the advantages of a retainer over other pricing options?

For businesses that know that ongoing support or enhancement of their systems is going to be a continuous process a monthly retainer is a great way to plan your budget and ensure that your spend is consistent from month to month. Each month, a set fee will be invoiced, and this will grant you consultant/development time to use on any agreed activity. This time can be banked for up to 3 months, and used as needed. A discounted rate is offered for all customers who establish a retainer arrangement.

What is Pardot?

Pardot is a Salesforce® marketing automation tool which integrates with the Salesforce CRM and helps clients with marketing and sales services.

The Salesforce and Pardot integration allows marketing and sales teams to work together to seamlessly create and manage online marketing campaigns from one central platform.

Together, these two systems allow sales representatives to act in the moment of engagement, and marketing teams to nurture leads for higher conversion rates.

Pardot can be used for:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Lead generation forms
  • Email Marketing
    • Single List Email Sends
    • Auto-Responder Emails based on actions
    • Lead nurturing automations based on prospect criteria
  • Landing Page Creation and Hosting
  • Custom Redirect Tracking
  • Tracking specific marketing campaign success for emails, social media, etc.

Am I required to use Pardot for marketing if I currently use Salesforce?

No. Pardot can be used on its own for marketing automations, lead generation, email marketing, landing pages, lead generation forms, and more! For small businesses concerned with scalability, utilizing Pardot is a great place to start! As your business grows, you can easily incorporate Salesforce if and when it makes sense and we are happy to consult you on that!

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