Talk About Symptoms, We'll Solve Problems.

Getting to know you

Every business is unique, as are the people that make them up. Differing priorities, demands and levels of user ability mean that out-of-the-box solutions never quite fit.

The first step we take is to learn about how your business works. There are many things that are similar in many businesses - but it is the differences that make the "difference" as it were.

This part is critical, and we believe it is part of what sets us apart. There will be an investment of your time up front, to help us get to know your business - but in the long run it means less confusion, less back-and-forth documentation, more productivity for all involved and better overall results!

Finding the underlying problems

It's human nature to want to fix things. But sometimes when you are too close, you can't see the forest problem for the trees symptoms.

Often, this means that you're solving the symptoms of an underlying problem, while the problem itself continues to fester.

A classic example is a "bad" product search feature on your website. Is it really a problem with the website's search engine? Or perhaps is it your product masterdata? Do your suppliers have better data available? Can we leverage crowd sourcing?

That's where we come in. We'll ask "why?" and then "why?" again; and continue to ask "why?" - until we find the core of the issue.

During this process, and as we traverse the complexities of your business, our knowledge grows: and so does our ability to identify and solve your inter-connected problems.

Plain talking

We avoid techno-jargon like one avoids a karaoke bar at the start of a night out on the town. Over time, we'll get to know you and your technical level of expertise, and adjust our language accordingly.

Please don't think we are being patronising if we ask if you know what a term means, we never assume anyone's level of technical knowledge - but we will take you on the journey towards technical enlightenment.

Fail early

If something is not going to work, we like to find out sooner rather than later. Part of our process will be to explore "edge cases" and see if they will break your current processes and systems, as well as the customer and supplier systems you interface with.

What happens if someone uses Japanese characters to register their email address? Here's an example: はじめよう.みんな (Go on! Click it, and watch the video with subtitles on.)

Getting the job done

Trausteknik is designed to scale up (and down) as your business's needs change over time. We have access to a number of individuals and organisations that can assist with short or long time resourcing. We may even know someone who could join your team permanently! We are networkers by nature, so it never hurts to ask!

When it comes to building / coding solutions, we do so in bursts, and expose you to the in-progress solution as we go. This means you get to see it as it is taking shape, and mould it as we go. This also means there will be bugs, and errors, and other such issues - but these small annoyances are more than offset by the speed at which we can deliver great results, because you are involved early and often.

Services provided

Here are some of the services that we can help you with.

Are we missing something? Ask anyway, we might be able to help, or find someone that can.

  • Administration & Reporting
  • Apex Coding and Process Automation
  • Visualforce Design
  • Public Websites using as the CMS
  • Bespoke, secure portals to your existing systems
  • Google Apps / G-Suite migration and administration
  • All the Integrations! (Soap? Rest? Json?)
  • Killer Cups of Tea