Pardot Services

Pardot Services are great for companies looking for a way to keep their marketing efforts and lead generation organized.

Pardot will help keep the big picture clear, aligning your sales and marketing strategies with your CRM.

Whether you are new to Pardot or have an established set up, we will work with you to optimise your cross-platform marketing strategies.

We can help you to align your marketing and sales efforts through marketing automation and lead nurturing.

We will work side-by-side with you for simple Pardot Consultations or act as an instant addition to your marketing team - creating and sending emails and fulfilling content needs.

Let's talk about what will work best for you!

Pardot Implementation

Pardot implementation and setup

Pardot is a great place to start for small business owners and local companies looking for a scalable digital marketing platform.

Pardot will allow you to create newsletters, send emails, manage notes on current prospects, and develop landing pages for lead generation.

While Pardot will help walk you through your new Pardot Services and setup, it isn't always easy understanding the best way to integrate this new platform into your business. We are here to help you by assisting with your Pardot setup and consulting you in the process. Together we can determine what new fields, added users, or level of security each aspect of your Pardot setup should have.

Pardot Integration

Pardot Salesforce integration

For companies currently utilizing Salesforce, integrating Pardot will allow full sales funnel management, optimal communication, and more detailed ROI reporting.

Imagine being able to automate entire lead nurturing campaigns based on a single Salesforce status update, or the ability to see every touch point of a marketing campaign between a lead's creation and point of sale.

Together, Pardot and Salesforce are an unbeatable team. For example, with Salesforce Engage, you can allow your sales members to send beautiful mobile-optimized email templates as they follow-up with new leads or current customers. And with Salesforce Wave, you can see full funnel analytics, monitor your sales pipeline in real time and take action without ever leaving the Salesforce app.

Pardot Audit

Pardot is an amazing system! Make sure you're utilising all of it.

At the beginning of any new Pardot Consultation or Pardot management project, we will conduct a full audit of your current Pardot account.

This audit includes:

  • Understanding who your customer is
  • Understanding your current lead management process
  • Mapping your current customer journey
  • Reviewing user setup
  • Reviewing current Prospect information
  • Marketing process evaluation
  • Technical review
  • Reviewing current forms, lists, automations, file hierarchy, scoring, and reporting
  • Compiling a list of recommendations

Pardot Consulting

Trausteknik's certified Pardot Consultants can help you leverage your Pardot Marketing Strategy.

After a complete audit of your Pardot account and current marketing processes, we will be able to make suggestions on how you can fully utilize this platform to best serve your business and your customers.

Pardot Management

There are many reasons to outsource the management of your Pardot account and how you integrate your current marketing strategy into actionable items within Pardot.

Our certified Pardot Consultants work with Pardot every day on a variety of marketing campaigns. We are able to compliment your internal marketing efforts at any level. We can even go as far as to do all the work for you. Jump to Marketing Strategy Design for a full list of marketing services we offer to help you scale your internal marketing team with ease while you grow your business with us.

Pardot Admin

We offer basic Pardot admin for adding users, fields, forms, lists, or automation rules.

  • Manage connectors
  • Setup and manage users
  • Configure fields
  • Domain management
  • List import and prospect export
Pardot connector

Pardot Development

We offer full Pardot Support for programming and integrating new email marketing templates or new landing page templates.

  • Marketing Automations and Engagement Studio Lead Nurturing Development
  • Salesforce Engage Sales Template Design and Setup
  • Landing Pages Template Design
  • Marketing Campaign setup (source campaign) and Salesforce Campaign integration (multi-touch campaign)

Marketing Strategy Design

Trausteknik partners directly with an International team of marketing specialists here to help you do anything from drafting email and landing page content to managing your full content strategy.

Full Funnel Marketing

Full Funnel Marketing

Support your sales staff with communication through the entire sales funnel.

Immersive Marketing

Immersive Marketing

Align your landing pages, promotions, and email marketing with social media and on-site content campaigns.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Bring your marketing campaigns up to date with online chat, email automation, SMS, and more!

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Don't give up on cold leads! Play the long game with well planned communication strategies for leads that need a little extra time to be sold.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Increase lead quality by effectively A/B testing all inbound marketing content.

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