At Trausteknik we offer a variety of pricing modules tailored to help you manage cost based upon the level of Support you need.

Transparency is key to what we do - so we like to be up front about our charges.

You might have noticed that we are not your typical consulting firm. This extends to our pricing policy - it's public!

The cost of Salesforce® Support is not something you'll easily find online, and where you do find published pricing, you won't find transparency on team structure. At Trausteknik, we will never outsource your Salesforce® Support in an attempt to reduce costs.

Local Salesforce development

Many of our competitors will drop the price of engagements through offshoring complex development work. Through feedback from our clients and our own experiences we know this will ultimately drive costs up in the long run due to the need for additional rework and revisions.

At Trausteknik, our entire technical team is located here in Australia and our team prides itself on its knowledge of the local market.

Our promise to you

We offer a value focussed, highly competitive pricing model for the work that we do.

Each of our team members are required to have the latest Salesforce® Certifications and Pardot Certifications.

We deliver clean code, fast results, and require no hand-holding or double-checking. We own the responsibility for ensuring that we develop the very best solution for you.

We encourage you to meet our team and see first hand the value for money we can offer you.

We bill monthly, and are happy to offer 15 day payment terms.

We would love to meet you in person

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Which engagement style is right for you?

Pricing Casual


$235 per hour

A casual engagement style is the starting point for most of our Clients. Use our services as you need them. Easy! With Casual pricing, we will work with you on an hourly basis as needed by your team.

Pricing Projects


For clients looking to undertake medium to large projects, we will provide you with a firm estimate for the work required by first working with you to understand the scope of the project and to understand the ideal solution for your business. We will send over a document that will outline your project requirements and deliverables based upon your needs. The larger the project, the more cost-savings can be provided.

Pricing pricing-retainer


We offer a monthly pre-purchased block of hours that can be used for ongoing Salesforce® Support, Enhancements, and Maintenance. Our retainer solution offers the most “bang for your buck” for businesses looking for ongoing assistance. Contact us to tailor a package that is perfect for your team.


Supply Clusters Member

We have partnered with Supply Clusters to offer their members a discounted rate for all casual work. To learn more about Supply Clusters Membership, click here.

The above amounts are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are exclusive of GST

Discuss pricing with us

As a customer, you can always:

  • Contact us any time and ask what your current spend for the month is
  • Pre-purchase a block of hours, and use them as you need
  • Set a maximum number of days / hours per month - we'll respect it and request your authorisation for emergency overages
  • Request flexible payment options in advance
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