Wait. Public Pricing?

Transparency is key to what we do - so we like to be up front about our charges.


If you've explored other areas on this site, you might have noticed by now that we are not your normal consulting firm. This extends to our pricing policy - it's public! Unlike our competitors...

We are not the cheapest in our field, nor are we the most expensive, but we do feel we are the most valuable.

We bill monthly, and are happy to offer 30 day terms.

Engagement Style Daily Rate Hourly Rate
Use our services as you need them. Easy!
$1200 $200
Supply Clusters Member (Casual)
We have partnered with Supply Clusters to offer their members a discounted casual rate.
$1100 $185
Contract / Project
For larger projects, or consistent engagements, we offer a discounted rate.
$1000 $165
For consistent engagements, and to help you plan your budgeting, a retainer may be useful. Each month, a set fee will be invoiced, and this will include a number of days to be used in quarter day increments. These days can be banked for up to 3 months, and can be used as needed. Additional days above and beyond the initial amount continue to receive the discounted rates.

Managing your spend

If you choose to use our casual engagement option, there are a number of ways you can control your spend:

  • Contact us any time and ask what your current spend for the month is - we're happy to discuss payment options.
  • Pre-purchase a block of hours, and use them as you need.
  • Set a maximum number of days / hours per month - we'll respect it and request your authorisation for emergency overages.

Getting to know you and your business

All new engagements include 2 hours without charge. During this time, we will start to learn about your business, and see if we think we will work well together.

If we can help you with some of your problems during this time, so much the better!