Salesforce® Services

Our experienced Salesforce® Consultants and Developers can help you to leverage your investment in Salesforce in order to maximise customer engagement, convert leads and optimise internal processes.

Below are just some key Salesforce® Services we offer here at Trausteknik.

Our team knows that the true power of the Salesforce Platform lies in its inherent flexibility and we have successfully deployed Salesforce® Solutions across Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and Franchising.

Salesforce implementation and setup

Salesforce® Implementation and Setup

The first steps of any construction project are the blueprint and laying a solid foundation.

Our team of consultants will draw upon best practice and our vast experience to help you build out a Technology Strategy and Salesforce® Architecture based upon your Business goals. Whether you are still considering Salesforce or have purchased your first license we can help you polish up a business case and bring to reality a roadmap covering people, planning, migration, integration and ongoing optimisation.

Salesforce Audit

Salesforce® Audit

We aren’t exactly “hire a hubby” but we do pride ourselves on our ability to play Mr. Fix It when required.

Our most passionate and loyal customers have come to us from poor experiences with other Salesforce® firms where Salesforce® Services have not been delivered to the expected standards - the end result being systems that aren’t adding value.

For customers in this situation we take things slowly, acknowledging that you are likely to be averse to taking risks at this point. We will spend time understanding your business goals and current pain points in order to build a plan focussed on simplification, automation and maximising the return on your Salesforce® investment.

Salesforce® StoreConnect®

With the StoreConnect® app exchange package, we can help you build a complete eCommerce solution right within Salesforce®.

As our shopping more than ever before is completed online it’s no wonder that we have seen increased interest in the Salesforce® StoreConnect® app exchange package. With the StoreConnect® eCommerce solution all your sales, stock levels, customer and user information is visible in Salesforce, giving you a complete picture of your business at your employees' fingertips.

We can support your business with the initial setup and integration of StoreConnect® with your existing SalesForce instance and ensure an efficient eCommerce solution. Our team can then help you grow your business further with support in planning out a complete end-to-end custom engagement strategy to boost your average order values, lifetime value, and overall customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce® Consulting

We love a challenge. Out of the box ideas are our favourite kind. We might even have one or two for you to consider.

We have a proven track record of helping our Customers utilise Salesforce for Franchising Solutions, Compliance, Event Management, Quote Automation, Payments, Subscription Services, Invoicing, Accounting and Web Content Management.

We understand the challenges that modern businesses face and enjoy helping our customers sharpen their competitive edge. We avoid techno-jargon like one avoids a karaoke bar at the start of a night out on the town. We will put away our Macbooks and translate our geek speak into simple, actionable, results-oriented technical strategies.

Salesforce Management

Salesforce® Management

Sometimes our Customers just need a little help to keep things humming along. No problem.

We have a Salesforce® Administration and Salesforce® Support team on standby to help you, no matter the question!

We pride ourselves on customer service and love the challenge of fixing your bugs and issues. In addition our team can also help you configure Salesforce® page layouts, workflows and automations. We can help your teams make informed, data based decisions through the configuration and deployment of Salesforce® Reports, Salesforce® Dashboards and Analytics.

Salesforce® Web Development

Our experts have helped leading brands deploy complex Live Event, Subscription, Sales, Franchising and Compliance Websites. Our approach minimises the need to maintain data in multiple systems and comes at a comparable price point to that of a WordPress site.

Nuts and bolts aside, we can also assist to optimise your SEO, engagement and content strategies. We have a Graphic Design team we can involve, if need be, to assist with User Experience and Creative.

Salesforce Integrations

Salesforce® Integrations

Good plumbing matters. Our customers often select Salesforce due to its ability to integrate with a wide range of different systems.

We have utilised SOAP, REST, JSON, Dell Boomi and other API related technologies to integrate Salesforce with Sales, CRM, Supply Chain, Document Storage and Finance Systems.

Our developers have the knowledge and insight required to securely sync your Salesforce® information to and from:

Pardot Marketing Cloud
Xero SQL Databases
Dropbox Google Apps
Office 365 Wordpress
ERP systems including SAP Survey Tools
Other SAAS or bespoke solutions
Salesforce Apps

Salesforce® Apps

With such a large presence in market Salesforce® Apps are a great way to leverage off the shelf solutions to unlock process improvements quickly at a low cost.

Our team are familiar with a wide range of Salesforce AppExchange solutions and can help you find the right product for your business. Some of our favourite Salesforce® Apps include:

Docusign Survey Monkey
Conga Clicksend
Pardot Sendgrid
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