Geeks that speak business.

What we do

Too often, projects solve symptoms, not underlying problems - especially when third parties are involved.

Business requirements are all well and good, as long as the business *actually* understands what it requires. Often, this is not the case - and anyone who has heard "scope creep" mentioned during a meeting will attest to this.

Our approach is a bit different - we will come into your business and learn what makes it unique, what the underlying problems are and where your competitive advantage is (or could be). We'll then convert that into the technical designs and implementations needed for you to see success.

What we don't do

Our approach doesn't work with all businesses - and we are the first to admit this. When we are engaged, the first two hours are free - and during that time we'll be figuring out if we are a good fit for your business, as well as if your business is a good fit for us.

We don't ask for "specs" or "business requirements" (though we may ask for a list of gripes / complaints).

We don't approach projects in an adversarial way - we don't lock you down to what you said 3 months ago - businesses change, and they need to do so quickly. This means "scope" will change as a result, and this is fine and normal. But this is a two-way street - budgets may need to change as well.

We don't use nameless / stock photo people on our website - if you want to see our team, head over to the about us page.

Also, we don't work with Wordpress - yes, many other organisations do - but we feel it is often used as a golden hammer to solve problems that it shouldn't. Its security issues are also a bit of turn off...

Some of our favourite tools

We live and breathe "cloud" technologies. We like to play with, Google, Xero and Amazon Web Services to name a few of our favourites. But beyond that we know that the technologies used are just a means to an end - its the outcome that's important.

Wherever possible, we build with mobile devices in mind - in both a layout and a bandwidth perspective.

All platforms can deliver an outcome on their own. But we believe that picking the best technologies and having them work together delivers far superior solutions.

Who have we helped?

Below are some of the businesses we've helped succeed and here are some examples of our work.

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